Mothers are the givers of life, the nurturers, and our number one biggest fans. The definition of a ‘Mother Plant’ in the cannabis world is also very special. She is a choice plant that demonstrates the highest quality of traits, and is grown deliberately with the intention of creating clones. There is a mother plant for each strain, and each clone she produces delivers the same amazing genetic characteristics.
Thanks mom, for everything you do! Looking for a way to shower your cannabis-loving mom with love? We’ve got 6 staff picks for you to consider.
mothers day flower

Small Bouquet of Flowers

DNA Genetics | Chocolate Fondue
Funky and sweet this sativa dominant strain has a chocolate deliciousness that is well balanced.  The DNA Genetics bud always offers up good stuff, just the way your mum has given you her best genetics. 
Pure Sunfarms | CBD 3.5g
Sweet with a hint of cardamom, this strain is a hybrid that is CBD focused. Perfect for the mum that doesn’t want the THC buzz, this strain is a relaxing treat.

Large Bouquet of Flowers

Pure Sunfarms | Blueberry 28g
Want to stock your mum up for a while with bud?  This earthy blueberry strain delivers a beautiful high at a great price point for volume.  Also great if your mom has always wanted to try making her own edibles, there is enough to bake with!
mothers day chocolate

Sweet Treat

Tweed | Bakerstreet & Peppermint Chocolate
Delectable and savoury, this peppermint chocolate offers predictable doses that your mum will love to relax with.
mothers day tea
Your mom deserves a moment of peace, so why not gift her this floral tea with the herbal infusion of cannabis.  Each cup delivers 20mg of CBD with no THC to distract from the pure and simple calm. 
mothers day lotion

Lotions & Potions

Solei | Free Unscented Lotion THC 75mg : CBD 500mg
Your mum was the one who always told you to stay hydrated, and here is a great way to return the favour.  This unscented lotion can be mixed with essential oils of your choice or left alone, regardless the THC:CBD balance is a prime way to unwind.
The Corner Cannabis team will be celebrating moms everywhere, with a BIG SALE this Mother’s Day weekend. Save 15% off select flower, chocolate, lotions, and teas from May 6-9, 2021. Need help curating the perfect gift package? We’re just a phone call away.
Have a wonderful weekend, celebrating your royal highness