Corner Cannabis recycling incentive.


Tweed & TerraCycle recycling is NOW available at Corner Cannabis.

It Pays to GO GREEN

With the Corner Cannabis team

The Corner Cannabis team is committed to offsetting the carbon footprint created by the cannabis industry. With Earth Day quickly approaching, we are excited to announce our participation in the Tweed x TerraCycle recycling initiative.

From March 12 – April 22, customers can receive a $1.00 store credit for every piece of cannabis packaging purchased from a licensed cannabis retailer. This includes plastic containers, pre-roll tubes and flexible plastic bags.

What’s the catch? Is there a limit to how much credit customers can receive?

Yes, but it’s fair catch! Customers can recycle as many packages as they have kicking around.

Store credit limit will max out at $5, per day.

Can I purchase anything with store credit?

Credit can only be used towards 3.5g and 7g cannabis flower products.

Does Corner Cannabis accept vapes and cartridges for this recycling program?

Not yet. The vape recycling program is in the works, but we cannot accept these particular items yet.

When will this reward program end?

It pays to GO GREEN with Corner Cannabis from March 12 – April 22.

After Earth Day, we will continue to accept cannabis recycling and to further demonstrate our commitment to the supporting environment, the Corner Cannabis team will take part in community clean-ups. If you know a park or street that needs some TLC, let us know by emailing