At Corner Cannabis, we love any chance to take some time to chill and vibe with what our communities have to offer. To help with your long-weekend planning, we put together some cannabis and #ShopLocal pairings to inspire the most incredible long weekend staycation.

Before we get going, just a gentle reminder to observe the laws of consuming cannabis in public. Ontario applies pretty much the same rules to smoking cannabis as it does cigarettes, so make sure to pay attention to no smoking regulations in whichever park you end up in!

The Cannabliss Pairing Suggestions

The long weekend is all about having fun and recharging. Take this time to elevate your cannabis connoisseur game. Check out some local parks and cuisine to satisfy your munchies and pair that with a choice beverage or pre-roll.

Located in the same plaza as Corner Cannabis is the Lemon Tree Bistro. Find a great meal to take away, mediterranean style! They have yummy options suitable for vegans and omnivores alike!

Pre-rolls and a Drink

Ace Valley | OG Melon Pre-roll
A delightful sativa suitable for a walk or picnic in the park. This three pack of pinners is great if you are travelling in a small group, so each person gets their own fruity and uplifting, palette-cleansing pre-roll.
Little Victory | Dark Cherry 355ml
Looking for something a little more subtle and less lung-invasive? This drink rains victorious with the Corner Cannabis staff. It has a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD at a low dosage that will give you a super mild buzz while tasting great paired with mediterranean cuisine.
Once you have secured your cannabis and munchie satisfying provisions, head for a stroll up Royal Henley Blvd until you hit the waterfront vistas of Royal Henley park. Throw down a blanket and bam, instant long weekend park picnic to remember!

Ps. You may wish to smoke those joints on your way there, in the Niagara region you can’t smoke in a park or at the beach.
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