The spring equinox is quickly approaching, so it is in our scope to contemplate balance in our lives, including that within the cannabis products we consume. You see, an equinox – spring or fall – marks one of the two times in the year the earth comes into perfect balance. During the winter and summer solstices, the earth’s axis is tilted either the furthest or closest possible distance from or to the sun (depending on which hemisphere you are in). The equinox marks the exact middle point as the earth transitions its tilt to the opposing extreme, hence everything is in a sweet balance around this time.

At Corner Cannabis, we use the word ‘balance’ quite often to talk about strains, or products, that exhibit balance between two of the major compounds which makes cannabis what it is – THC and CBD. We thought that given this is a season for balance, why not describe what these compounds are, and which balanced products you can try to celebrate this Spring equinox.


Both of these molecular compounds found within cannabis have the potential to react with the endocannabinoid system of the body, they just go about it in different ways.

THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)

THC is what binds to the cannabinoid 1 receptor in the brain, creating a high and even a sense of euphoria in some people. It can be good for a number of situations, including countering pain and nausea, or just maxing and relaxing. It can also leave you feeling inebriated and strains that are heavy in THC need to be consumed reasonably and with some caution.

CBD (cannabidiol)

CBD on the other hand has a hard time binding to those same receptors in the brain, and in fact requires THC to do so at all. Only then can it produce psychoactive effects. CBD consumed on its own might leave you feeling relaxed but delivers a myriad of other, more subtle benefits like decreasing inflammation and aiding against anxiety.


A product in perfect balance of THC and CBD has the potential to create a pure and balanced high that feels good not only in the body, but in the mind as well. These compounds are synergistic, and when paired help each other to interact with the human biological systems in profound ways.

Balanced THC and CBD:


Tweed | Penelope: A great flower for first-time users, with an excellent THC and CBD balance. This strain is both earthy and citrusy. Also available in a pre-roll and oil form.
Colour Cannabis | Mango Haze: A perfectly balanced flower with a distinctive mango aroma that offers up both mind and body impact while equalizing your senses.


Tantulas Labs | Harlequin 3: This honey sweet flower sits balanced on the lower end of THC and CBD and dishes up a sativa dominant hit. Great for a more subtle approach that will elevate your mind.
Solei | Balanced 0.5g: Solei is an LP that knows its CBD and produces excellently balanced strains. Hence their ‘Balance’ preroll is reliable in its well footed indica delivery. Perfect for mellowing out after a hard day.


Redecan | Gems 5:5: The nice thing about capsules is that a balance can be struck that is more precise and easy to swallow. With exactly 4.50-5.50mg of both THC and CBD, these capsules get to the point.


Tweed | Penelope Oral Spray 20ml: From one of our flowers into a convenient oral spray, this well balanced product provides a little motivation with some sweet physical relief.
Solei | Balance Oil: Another one from our buds and Top Seller in 2020. This product is great if you aren’t into inhaling cannabis and manufactured with MCT oil, which is preferred by many health enthusiasts.


Mollo 5: This medium potency bevy has a premium balance of 5:5mg on the CBD:THC front. Easy to drink and best served cold, this is a lovely alternative to alcohol at your next BBQ.
Verywell | Black Lemon Ice Tea: A low dosage of both CBD and THC in perfect harmony (2.5mg of each) this drink is perfect for beginners trying out edibles for the first time.
Quatreau | Ginger Lime & Blueberry Acai: A light taste that delivers a light hit, the mellow balance of both these flavoured sparkling waters (2mg of THC and CBD each) is another one great for beginners, or those just looking for something easy to consume to get you through the day.


Chowie Wowie Balanced: These delicious chocolates deliver a punch of balanced cannabis infusion, with 10 mg of both THC and CBD per piece! Start with one square or even less if you are new to edibles, and then wait for a good long while before upping the dose. It might take a while for these chocolates to kick in, but when they do it is worth the wait!


Wana | Strawberry Lemonade: A consistent and yummy gummy, these little wonders come in at a 1:1 ratio of 10mg CBD and THC. They are very easy to eat, so maybe have something else sweet on hand so that you can have a nibble of these gummies then binge on something else when you are waiting for these to kick in.
Wana | Japanese Citrus Yuzi: To mix it up a bit, this balanced gummy sits at a 2:1 ratio – 20mg of CBD with 10mg of THC. Still a good amount of each, but you might expect to feel a little more relaxed with these compared to Wanas strawberry lemonade.
Foray | Peach Mango: Another deliciously balanced gummy, these little guys are a little tamer with only 5mg of THC and CBD in its 1:1 ratio.


Foray | Mango Haze 510 Cartridge 0.5g: This cartridge offers a 1:1 ratio that is very potent and with a tropical flavour that will carry you away to vacation days long ago.

Topicals - Lotion

Tuilla THC:CBD 200mg: 200mg; Fast absorbing and just great for relaxing muscles (including mental ones). This potent lotion is paired with eucalyptus, so it feels cool and regenerating soaking in.

Topicals - Bath

Latitude | Night Shift Charcoal Salts: Perfectly and beautifully balanced to soak your bones and drift away, these bath salts are incredible in everything they offer. Cannabis aside, the blend of jasmine, ylang-ylang and patchouli essential oils with black sea and epsom salts would make bathtime endulgent alone. Add the 100mg of THC and CBD and you have something that will restore balance to your very being.
Not sure where to start? Don’t stress, just come and talk to one of our budtenders – they are here to help! Know exactly what you want?