As we move forward into 2021, it is fun to take a look behind us at the most popular strands and products that helped to get us through all ups and downs of 2020. From THC to CBD balances, vapes to pre-rolls, bud and beyond, it was fascinating to see what sparked everyone’s interest.  For your product-education enjoyment, we have compiled a list of the 12 cannabis products that topped the charts as best sellers for last year. 


Namaste – Ultra Sour  
This sativa dominant bud took the world by storm with it’s deliciously citrus profile and high THC potency. Flavourful and robust, this beautiful strain was a definite staple for many!  
Riff – DT81 
Another sativa, high THC strain swept people off of their feet with its Ontario-grown hand trimmed appeal.  Riff really got this one right in balancing the Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Humulene, and Beta-Pinene terpenes to give it its rounded out sweet and tart flavour profile.


Riff – Subway Scientist 1g 
There is just something so comforting about the ease of a good pre-roll, and Riff hit the mark not only in name (Subway Scientist), but also in the terpene balance of this high THC potency Indica strain.  Riff is known for its hand trimmed Ontario-grown bud, leaving us all feeling good about buying local. 


It was an exciting year for edibles, as this method of consuming only became legal in Ontario late 2019. Lucky us! This category really had a chance to grow, here were the top sellers.

THC Beverage

Deep Space 
For such a small can, the impact certainly applies itself with this high potency representation of a sativa strain. Easy to chug as it is a thirst quencher, remember to start low and go slow! 

CBD Beverage

Everie – Mango Passionfruit CBD Sparkling Water 
We love seeing CBD pop up in more and more products, and Everie’s Mango Passionfruit CBD Sparkling water is truly a dream. Boasting a 98% CBD profile, this drink is a must to keep stocked in any CBD-lover’s fridge. 


Legend – Milk Chocolate 
Pure and simple, Legend’s Milk Chocolate has a high chocolate to THC ratio meaning it tastes super delicious.  Sustainably sourced ingredients make this edible a go-to for many.

Soft Candy

San Rafael – Blaspberry Soft Chews 
Ah yes, the legendary and mysterious flavour of blaspberry.  You know, even without seeing, that they are blue.  These blue tasting (and almost too yummy) gummies pack a mellow indica punch that will have you successfully binge watching The Crown without distraction. 



48 North – Traditional Pressed Hash 1g 
Hash has made its comeback, and 48 North has done a good job of applying the layer of nostalgia with a Moroccan flavour to create the perfect throw back.  With 46.5% THC, it will hand deliver an instant effect that is intense and worth the commitment.  


Solei Free Oral Spray 15ml 
Solei has done a good job at establishing itself as a well-balanced brand, and their Free Oral Spray was a true crowd pleaser this past year. Sun grown in an eco-friendly greenhouse, this spray maximizes a clean CBD delivery with minimal THC exposure. 


San Rafael – OG Chemdawg Live Resin 1g 
Flash frozen sativa strain of the finest top pick, San Rafael did an excellent job of preserving the balance of terpenes and flavour for a resin with lasting effect.  With a THC concentration of between 67 and 71%, this product gets the job done.  


510 Thread Cartridges

Good Supply – Pineapple Express 510 Cartridge 
Name alone you know that this cartridge is going to be a winner. Topping at an 82% THC potency, this tropical flavoured inhalable will have you dancing the hula with James Franco in no time.  

Disposable Vape

Redecan – OG Kush Redee Disposable
Redecan knows how to make it strong, and this vape bestseller is no exception.  An indica sativa hybrid kush, this blend serves up woody pine notes that represent a well compromised terpene profile delivered through Redecan’s proprietary ceramic wick setup. 
2020 was a busy year for us, what with opening two stores, the lockdown and Christmas holidaze. Inventory will vary, based on availability and shipping dates, but rest assured, these popular cannabis products are definitely on the restock list. Online menus for your preferred Corner Cannabis locations are regularly updated. If we’re out of stock or you have a burning cannabis question, our budtenders are just a phone call away.