Chocolates and flowers are classic gifts for any loved one on Valentine’s Day, but if you want to impress a cannabis lover, why not elevate this concept and get them a bouquet of something green and cannabis-infused instead? Chances are they’ll appreciate the potentially shared experience too. Let’s begin!

FLOWERS that say "I Love You!"

48 North | Green Crush (3.5g)

How about some crush for your number one Sativa-loving crush? Uplifting and sweet, this bud boasts earthy and citrus tones that are sure to please most palettes. Like any good Sativa, it’s cerebral and might pair well with deep conversations and Barry Manilow playing in the background.

Wink | Wedding Cake (3.5g)

Let’s not get carried away. Wedding bells don’t have to come with this kind of cake. This Indica-dominant flower takes a little Girl Scout Cookie flavour with sweet high notes of cherry pie. Often coming in at 21% THC or more, it’s a flower that will undoubtedly heighten your senses. It’s also a flower with a social conscience. Wink donates 10% of its profits towards organizations that support homelessness and social services.

Steel City Green | Chocolate Mint OG (3.5g)

Here’s a fun twist on the chocolate and flowers front. Grown right here in Ontario, the Indica- dominant genetics of this flower comes from crossing Emerald OG and Granddaddy Purple. The terpene profile lends to its unique flavours and aromas, which are reminiscent of rich chocolate and mint, with a hint of pine and spice.
Now that you have a bouquet, we can move on to the sweeter stuff!

CHOCOLATES that say you're legendary!

Legend Cannabis Chocolates:

  • This edible is nearly too good to be true. The chocolate used by Legend comes from Master Chocolat, led by fourth-generation master chocolatier, Bernard Callebaut. Each bar is scored into four breakable pieces, making them easy to portion and share. THC lovers have four flavours to choose from, each delivering 10 mg THC.
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Raspberry Milk Chocolate
  • Orange Dark Chocolate
CBD fans can also enjoy a Raspberry Milk Chocolate variety that combines 1mg THC with 20mg CBD.
If you are new to edibles, be advised; Start low and go slow. If you have a sweet-tooth, it might be a challenge to eat only one.
February 1-14*
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